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The venerable New Zealand Merino craftspeople at Icebreaker have been making some of the best wool layers for a long time. But next season they’ll really up their game by launching what they call “a new generation” of midlayers. This new line will be made by wrapping the all-natural Merino Wool around a nylon core, which should make the midlayers warmer, stronger, and lighter. The Atom series (pictured here) will include a touch of Lycra to create a comfortable, form-fitting mid-layer. But we’re most excited about the revamped “Realfleece” product. The previous versions did a good job of keeping testers warm and shedding off the elements, but they were also pretty bulky. The new fabric has been brushed to create millions of air pockets to double the garments’ warmth while keeping ‘em lightweight and thin. The new Realfleece collection will come in a variety of models, including a pull-over hoodie, vest, and long-sleeve zipper.
—Nathan Borchelt

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