Icebreaker is Making It Easy to Be Cool In Town and On the Trail

Icebreaker is Making It Easy to Be Cool In Town and On the Trail


The concept of clothes that can go seamlessly from the trail to town isn’t a new one. But few companies have been able to pull the concept off with the style and functionality that Icebreaker’s new Spring/Summer line delivers.

From top to bottom the clothes in Icebreaker’s new line carry a casual style that actually looks like they’re made more for the fashion-conscious consumer rather than the functionality freaks most of us really are. Whether you’re on a date or just a night on the town with your friends, there’s no doubt you’re going to fit in well within the dress code of any establishment you’d want to show your outdoor-lovin’ mug in.


Don’t let the good looks fool you, though. These clothes are definitely created for the trail. The Compass II is a long sleeve shirt made from Icebreaker’s Cool-Lite fabric that combines 56 percent merino wool with TENCEL fabrics to create an incredibly lightweight garment that can help protect your skin from the sun during midday hikes while also helping to keep you cool and comfortable. Available for $175 at, the shirt also features offset seams in the shoulders to prevent the straps of your pack from digging in and a zippered pocket on the chest to keep your wallet, phone, or map secure and easily accessible.


The Compass shorts are made with 70 percent merino wool so they’re as comfortable as they are cool, and at $160, they’re a great complement to the shirt in both style and functionality. The built-in belt makes it easy to keep the shorts up no matter how active you are, and the deep front pockets as well as a zippered outer and two zippered back pockets means that all your essentials will stay in place even when the trail gets rougher than expected. Like the Compass shirt, the merino wool that the shorts are made from has a natural wicking property that will help keep you cool no matter how hot the day – or night – gets, and the anti-odor properties of the material will help make sure that even if you don’t have time to hit the showers after a hard day on the trails, you won’t find yourself sitting alone at the bar.

If you do, at least it won’t be on account of your wardrobe. Even these clothes can only do so much after all.