More Hunting and Fishing Gear on the Way from Icebreaker

More Hunting and Fishing Gear on the Way from Icebreaker


The benefits of using merino wool in outdoor clothing are well known at this point. Not only is wool lightweight and breathable, it also has natural moisture wicking capabilities, it resists collecting odors, and is excellent at helping regulate temperatures too. Companies like Icebreaker have been using merino wool in their fabrics for years, turning out high quality performance apparel for hikers, backpackers, runners, travelers, and other outdoor enthusiasts along the way.

Last year the company turned its attention on a an entirely new outdoor market, introducing its firat line of gear designed specifically for hutning and fishing. This fall that line expands even further, with a host of new offerings that incorporate merino wool in a wide vareity of ways. Here is a sneak peek at what to expect from this new product rollout. 


Ika LS Half Zip
This base layer is available in both men’s and women’s versions, and features RealTree Extra and RealTree MAX-1 camouflage patterns. Designed to sit close to the skin, the Ika LS Half Zip is meant to provide temperature and moisture regulation in cooler weather. It also can function as part of a full layering system that not only allows it to perform well on its own, but work well in conjunction with midlayers and a shell too. 


Stratus LS Zip Hood
Water repellant and machine washable, the Stratus LS Zip Hood jacket holds the distinction of having more loft than any other jacket that Icebreaker currently makes. Available for both men and women, the environmentally friendly garment is stuffed with recycled merino wool and is built to provide plenty of warmth in cold environments. 


Ika Softshell Pants
Icebreaker says that hese new softshell pants are meant to perform well in a variety of weather conditions, and can repel both wind and rain. They feature soft, stretchy fabrics that won’t inhibit motion in any way and are designed to be comfortable enough to wear while both on the hunt, or just relaxing back at camp.


Sierra LS Zip
Icebreaker’s new line of RealFLEECE products are designed to perform better than other midlayers by using a merino wool-nylon blend that is reportedly more durable, warmer, and lighter than prevous fabrics the company offered. The Sierra LS Zip is an example of one of these midlayers that was designed specifically with the hunting and fishing crowd in mind. 


Beanies, Balacalavas, and Gloves
Icebreaker has made warm wool hats and gloves for sometime, but starting this fall, they’ll be available in camouflage patterns as well. Look for a ragne of head, neck, and handwear to help keep hunters and fishermen warm on chilly days. 

Check out the entire line of Icebreaker products, for hunting, fishing, and general outdoor use, on the company’s official website at