Merino Wool Reclaimed

Merino Wool Reclaimed

Ibex Reclaimed Felt Bag
One of the not-so-secret side effects of the gear world: creating product results in a lot of fabric waste. And though the term “upcycle” feels a bit too trendy, it’s a philosophy we can embrace. Brands like Looptworks define themselves by this ethos, making products solely sourced from the remainders that hit the cutting room floor as new products are made. The excess neoprene from making wetsuits avoids the dumpsters and gets new life as padded laptop sleeves. The Vermont-based merino wool company Ibex has joined this holistic trend by repurposing their leftovers into fashion-forward wool felt bags and sleeves. The material in their Reclaimed Wool Felt Bag ($90), Tote ($70) and Tablet Sleeve ($25) are made by breaking down the leftover wool into its fiber stage, binding it together with recycled materials, then finishing ‘em off with such details as zippered pockets, matte nickel finish fasteners, and recycled poly straps. We love the scattershot, multicolor texture of the bags almost as much as we appreciate their attempt to do something with what others might deem unwanted scraps of fabric.
—Nathan Borchelt

Ibex Reclaimed Tote 1

Ibex Reclaimed Tote 2

Ibex Reclaimed Tablet 2

Ibex Reclaimed Tablet 3

Ibex Reclaimed Tablet 1