Highlights from Outdoor Retailer — More Gear

Highlights from Outdoor Retailer — More Gear

BioLite NanoGrid & SiteLights, $100

NanoGrid completeSystemShowing the company is about more than converting flames into power, BioLite enters the competitive world of outdoor recreation lighting devices with the NanoGrid.

This 3-in-1 system provides users with a PowerLight (flashlight/lantern and power storage device) and remote mood lanterns. The NanoGrid can be charged via a USB cord connected to any power source, including other BioLite technologies like the CampStove, BaseCamp or KettleCharge. Use the flashlight/lantern, which includes a dimming mode, as a remote to operate two SiteLights. A second pair of SiteLights can be purchased to provide up to 40 feet of lighting via lightweight electrical cords. The SiteLights each have an output of 150 lumens. The flashlight has an output of 250 lumens (8 hours of light fully charged) and 200 lumens (7 hours) in lantern mode. The NanoGrid provides 10 watts of power—enough to recharge a typical smartphone three times. Available at www.biolitestove.com and REI in early February.

— Brett Prettyman

Eagle Nest Outfitters Sub7, $70

ENO Sub7Hammock camping, once a niche backpacking market, has swung into the mainstream outdoors market thanks in part to the lightweight designs initially offered by Eagle Nest Outfitters (ENO) more than a decade ago. ENO’s success helped spur market growth, leading to new camp hammock designs from several other core backpacking brands. ENO’s latest model, unveiled at OR last week, should appeal to serious fast-and-light backpackers. The Sub7 keeps total system weight to just 6.5 ounces by utilizing lightweight nylon, Dyneema cords, and aluminum carabineers, but that featherweight bed supports a whopping 300 lbs. Add an small ultralight tarp overhead and the Sub7 hammock system offers a comfortable, dry backcountry camp for about 1 pound.

Ruffwear Highlands Sleeping Bag, $100

ruffwear-highland-1Anyone who has been nudged out of their sleeping bag by a chilly dog in the middle of the night will appreciate the Ruffwear Highlands Sleeping Bag. Ruffwear’s latest canine camp gear provides a lightweight, synthetic-insulated bed for trail dogs. The wide opening let’s pups slip in, turn, and settle before dropping off to sleep while staying covered and cozy warm. For those who really want to give their dogs a comfortable experience, a Ruffwear Landing Pad sleeping pad ($30) may be slipped into a pad sleeve on the bottom of the Highlands bag. The bag tucks neatly into one pannier of the Ruffwear Palisades dog packs for easy transport on the trail.

Brooks Range Hybrid Wool Jacket, $250

Men-Wool-Hybrid-1Blending the best of two worlds, the Brooks Range Hybrid Jacket provides great warmth and weather protection while offering unmatched comfort. The jacket’s torso sections feature Polartec Alpha synthetic insulation inside a wind-resistant nylon shell, while the arms are made from Polartec Power Wool–a two-layer material featuring soft, merino wool on the inner face, and a tough, breathable woven synthetic material outside.  The Hybrid Jacket works as a mid-layer insulation piece, or an outer layer for aerobic activities in cool conditions.  Available in men’s and women’s versions.