Grub Hub Has Packed an Entire Camp Kitchen into a Suitcase

Grub Hub Has Packed an Entire Camp Kitchen into a Suitcase


A single pack that unfolds like a transformer into a full kitchen? It sounds like something right out of a sci-fi movie. But not only is it real, Grub Hub is making it happen with the Mesa 1 camp kitchen.

Built for aspiring camp gourmets, the entire Mesa 1 unit wraps into a pack that can be carried by one person. It contains everything you need for fine dining in the backcountry, including two tables, a stove platform, lighting tower, air dry bags, gear storage shelves, cooking organizers, a paper towel holder, a litter bag, and, oh why not, a kitchen sink! It also has a lantern post, spatula rack, and a gravity assisted water dispenser for a 6 Liter bag. The entire unit unfolds from a pack into the finished kitchen in under three minutes and uses a tripod design that can be staked out for stability in high winds.


The Mesa 1 has been built for sustained outdoor use in all weather conditions. It’s constructed out of rustproof aluminum with durable 6” wheels that can conquer most flat terrain. The tables support typical 2-burner camping stoves up to 18x12x4” in size, with adjustable shelves on the inside. Those same tables make the perfect workspace for food prep, and serve as your dining area once the meal is ready to eat too. The entire package is designed to be lightweight and ultra-portable, while remaining durable too. In fact, Grub Hub backs the unit with a 5 year warranty. 

The camp kitchen comes in two distinct packages. The basic model sells for $365.25 and includes all the features listed above, but requires you to bring your own stove and accessories. The other version is the Mesa 1 camping package, which comes fully loaded with a Coleman InstantStart Stove, a 6L water bag and hose, a Nylon utensil set, an aluminum shovel, and a fire grate with cover. That model sells for $489.

Something tells me you’ll be able to up your camp-cooking game considerably with either model.