Grub Hub Has a Modern Alternative to Your Stove’s Aluminum Windscreen

Grub Hub Has a Modern Alternative to Your Stove’s Aluminum Windscreen

You can finally throw out that dirty, crumpled aluminum foil windscreen you used when it came time for cooking as a 12-year old boy scout. Grub Hub has decided to create a clever alternative to a camp stove windscreen, and it is a far more versatile and useful solution.


As you probably recall, Grub Hub is a company we told you about a few weeks back. In that story, we were impressed with how they had managed to pack an entire kitchen into a suitcase. It seems adding comfort and convenience to the outdoors is part of their strategy, because their latest offering is a welcome upgrade to that familiar chunk of metal we often carry in our packs.

The Cirque Camp Kitchen and Windscreen is basically a pack-friendly transformer with multiple uses. Unlike its aluminum predecessor that you would fold and put inside your kitchen kit, this windscreen doubles as a pouch that wraps around all your kitchen gear. It sets up like a miniature tent with foldable poles, or shock corded carbon tubing, and can be staked down in high wind with loops on each of the bottom corners.


When set up, this portable kitchen looks like a half tipi with a shelf strapped across the top using Velcro. This removable organizer holds items such as utensils, spices and smaller ingredients, as well as cleaning supplies. The whole package weighs in at 6 oz. or about twice the weight of an aluminum screen. It measures 2” x 3” x 12” closed or 12” x 18” x 18” when opened, and is made of 1.9 oz. ripstop nylon and Nomex brand fabrics that come in dark grey, silver, and orange colors.


The Cirque Camp Kitchen is in pre-production now, and is schedules to start shipping at the beginning of December. You can pre-order one here