GoPole Extends Your Camera’s Potential

GoPole Extends Your Camera’s Potential

In an era when everyone has a personal action camera, getting unique shots requires a different perspective.

The new GoPole Evo and GoPole Bobber tools provide that prospective by moving your camera out beyond the end of your arm, giving you the chance to shoot from angles few photographers can match, especially in aquatic situations.

GoPole-Evo-1The Evo floating extension pole stretches from 14 to 24 inches, letting you position your camera at ground level, underwater, or overhead. I found the Evo a great aid when setting up GoPro footage of hard-fighting trout during fly fishing adventures. The 24 inch length let me position the camera below the river’s surface, while keeping it close enough that the GoPro’s remote worked flawlessly. GoPole even provides a special clip to keep that remote firmly attached to the Evo’s handle. And because it floats, I wasn’t worried about losing my camera if I dropped the pole into the river.

GoPole-Bobber1For truly unique perspectives, I mounted my GoPro to the Bobber—a short-handled floating handgrip device—and then floated that rig behind my raft, capturing underwater footage of drifting dry flies on the Yakima River. The Bobber also proved helpful when I simply wanted handheld shots as it provides a comfortable, stable grip for small cameras.

GoPole-Evo-2GoPole products give photographers and videographers the opportunity to reposition their shots so they can produce images outside the norm.

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