Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 Lantern 1

In a move that should surprise no one, the ubiquitous USB port has made it camp lanterns. Goal Zero’s new Lighthouse 250 Lantern ($80) delivers 250 lumens of illumination that can cast light 180 or 360 degrees, with three different brightness levels to keep things ambient and moody or bright enough to find whatever you need to find. Charge it up at home for seven to 14 hours and you’ll get up to 48 hours of light in the backcountry—and when the battery dies you can recharge the device off a solar panel, or use the included hand crank (one minute of cranking is said to give you 10 minutes of light). And, yes, the lantern also has a USB port, which will keep all sorts of electronic devices (camera, GPS, etc) well-juiced when all your other options have been tapped. 
—Nathan Borchelt

Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 Lantern 2