Giordana Launches Fall Collection With EVent Fabric Technologies

Giordana Launches Fall Collection With EVent Fabric Technologies


You’re familiar with Gore-Tex and their omni-present waterproof breathable membranes, but how familiar are you with Gore’s competitor’s air-permeable ePTFE (expanded polytetraflouroethylene) membranes? 

Just for the sake of fairness in journalism, here’s an example of another highly breathable and waterproof technology you may want to check out. And waterproof-breathables are not just for ski jackets – cycling apparel is one of the most apropos applications you’ll find out there. 

Meet eVent – whose membranes were invented in the 1990s to improve the pollutant-capturing performance of air filtration systems used in industrial machinery and give superior protection. 

EVent fabrics — found in outdoor, snowsport, cycling and professional apparel — claims to be “the first air-permeable and waterproof performance fabrics on the market that let sweat out through Direct Venting technology.” The company Clarcor Industrial Air manufactures eVent membranes and fabrics, collaborating with worldwide suppliers, offering a selection of waterproof, windproof and protective textiles to companies that create apparel, footwear, shelter and accessories.

Giordana is an eVent customer that was established from a desire to craft the best in cycling clothing combining Italian craftsmanship and style, founded in 1979. Giordana designs clothing for everyone from the competitive racer to the everyday athlete and its 13 new 2016/17 styles — made entirely in its own factory in Italy — will be available in September and highlight eVent’s air-permeable membrane in both windproof and waterproof jackets that help regulate core temperature to optimize performance and comfort.

Three distinct fabric technologies feature eVent’s patented Direct Venting (DV) that has, at its foundation, an ePTFE membrane with an open pore structure that allows heat and body moisture to pass through the laminated barrier in vapor form, and prevents the accumulation of moisture inside the jacket. That’s the theory behind all w-b membranes; especially desirable during athletic exertion.

“Cyclists generate a lot of heat and moisture, which needs to quickly escape through their clothing. But they also require essential protection from the wind and weather,” said Chad Kelly, Director of Sales and Product Line for eVent. “Giordana has capitalized on our best air permeable technologies and each technology delivers different performance benefits.”

Fabrics made with eVent’s DValpine membrane technology are 100 percent waterproof and windproof – the same claim made my Gore-Tex.  Developed from the original, award-winning product introduced by eVent in 1999, DValpine is designed for 3-layer laminated fabrics in a wide range of outerwear products. 

The eVent windproof membrane technologies, which are also water-resistant, used by Giordana include DVstretch and DVwind. With the ability to stretch up to 85 percent and then fully recover, DVstretch laminates balance wind proofing, water resistance, breathability and stretch — introduced to meet the form-fitting apparel needs of cyclists. DVstretch is a tech leader in stretch and recovery of laminated fabrics made with air permeable ePTFEs. DVwind deflects 99 percent of wind, says eVent, with its high moisture vapor transfer rate, while providing water resistance and wind protection, similar to new technologies just now coming onto the market by Gore. 

The midweight A+V 200 Short Sleeve Winter Jacket with eVent DVstretch Windproof Technology ($400) is ideal in fall conditions for base miles and interval training.  The windproof DWR-treated DVstretch fabric provides heat retention, moisture management and water resistance.  A printed fleece lining offers warmth; and elasticity gives it a non-constricting performance fit, including a high collar, long reflective ducktail and pockets.