Gear Spotter: Titanium Pocket Clip LED EDC Multi-Tool

Gear Spotter: Titanium Pocket Clip LED EDC Multi-Tool

titanium pocket clip

We know a trend when we see it, and titanium everyday carry (EDC) toys are definitely the it thing, especially when it comes to small business launches on Kickstarter. 

Chadwick Parker and Joe Huang of BigIDesign have earned a reputation for clever new designs that approach problems in a novel way and have produced some highly successful products. This time, they introduce the Titanium Pocket Clip, LED Flashlight, and Multi-Tool in one. 

The Titanium Pocket Clip, or TPC for short, is an ultra-lightweight clip that attaches small, easy to lose items safely at hand’s reach. The clip was conceptualized several years ago when the duo admitted losing their keys at the bottom of their pockets and having to dig around to find them. While this may not be a problem for those of us who are not inventors with flux capacitors lying around and pockets cluttered with engineer tools, this clip can be handy in many situations. 

titanium pocket clip angles

Consider the TPC to be the “put anywhere” keyring clip that you find in many backpacks and bags to which you attach your car keys when going on a hike. The last thing you want to be doing when you’re back at the car on day 6 of your AT hike or when nighttime is falling after a day of backcountry skiing is digging around for your keys. This clip makes that clip possible for any situation with any bag. It easily hangs to any “lip” inside any bag or pocket and makes small items easily accessible which would otherwise drown amongst your other gear.

However, the reason to like the TPC is because it is designed as an everyday carry item to perform multiple functions. Chadwick and Joe got their reputation because they saw the metal titanium like Michaelangelo sees marble; it is a canvas for their genius. The foundation for this tool is inspired by Evere-Day-Carry, or EDC for short. To qualify as an EDC item, products have to be useful to carry in your pocket for everyday use. In other words, it has to be something that you reach for often enough to find on you along with your keys, wallet, pocket knife, fake passport, etc.

The TPC is much more than a clip and qualifies for EDC. First, it has a 22 Lumen LED Flashlight. Not only is the light water-resistant, able to be turned on and off while submerged in shallow depths, but it has an astonishing continuous run time of 40 hours! In addition, it even has a built in resistor to prevent overheating, running on just three common watch batteries. Second, it has a key-ring opener; this is a little wedge shaped opening that slips under hard to open key-rings to allow you to attach keys, lanyards, or other items without breaking your nails. Third, it has a Hex Bit Driver and Hex Wrench built right into the end of the unit. 

titanium pocket clip features

As a bonus, this hex bit driver fits the Pocket Hex Bit that was another successful Kickstarter by BigIDesign. Fourth, Chad and Joe couldn’t resist but to put a bottle opener on this tool as well. Of course, the best part is that all of BigIDesign’s inventions are Titanium with the TPC built from Grade 5 Titanium Alloy. This ensures low weight, longevity, and an awesome brushed metal look. 

The Kickstarter has already reached its goal and BigIDesign has always delivered without issue, so you can head over and reserve your clip, available also without the LED Flashlight.