Zero Tolerance 0560 Review

October 27, 2014
Zero Tolerance 0560
Zero Tolerance 0560 ZT-0560_open
Construction & Materials
Ease of Use
Steel Quality & Edge Retention

The Good

  • Elmax Blade Steel
  • Smooth opening
  • Textured Handle Scales
  • Made In USA

The Bad

  • It’s a big knife
  • Frame Lock can slip out under pressure
  • There is a break-in period on the flipper feature

Based solely on materials, the Zero Tolerance 0560 could be considered one of the best folding knives I have ever used and tested. Elmax Steel and G10 handles are two very popular and premium blade and handle materials on the market today. However, the issues I had with the Frame Lock slipping and popping out of place concern me as this is a larger knife that would be used for more demanding tasks. I would urge Zero Tolerance to look at the way they have designed this particular Frame Lock and possibly re-engineer it. If they could solve this problem, they would have quite an amazing tool to offer us all.


Construction & Materials 
The star players in the build of this knife are the Elmax powdered steel, and the G10 handles scales. Elmax is super popular right now, and rightfully so—it holds a great edge and it is impervious to most corrosives. G10 handle scales are durable, but they also provide a consistent grip whether wet or dry. Where the Zero Tolerance 0560 shows some signs of struggle is with the frame lock, which can release under pressure.

Ease Of Use 
Having a 5.25-inch long handle puts the Zero Tolerance 0560 into the larger category. In my hand, there is almost 1.5 inches of knife pommel behind my pinky—if I want to be able to rest my hand in the finger choil and rely on the spine jimping to give me more control of the knife. Out of the box, the flipper function is a tight and required some adjusting and White Lighting lubricant. The knife now performs as fluidly as a ballet dancer.

Steel Quality / Edge Retention
Stonewashing Elmax steel and shaping it into a hollow ground, Drop Point style blade creates a knife that reigns supreme in durability, longevity, and universality. I ran this knife through the rope cutting and cardboard slicing tests twice, and it is still razor sharp. I also let the whole thing soak in a cup of unleaded gasoline, but that was just me trying to kill it. I failed.

Please refer to the testing and gasoline comments from the “Steel Quality / Edge Retention” section of this review. A Greek god or goddess couldn’t alter this knife. Unfortunately, the fact that the Frame Lock can slip, allowing the blade to close, is a real drawback—as I believe it will only get worse with use.

The Zero Tolerance 0560 is an expensive knife when compared to other knives of its size and design—but the cost is justified by the materials and construction. At any price, a knife should function properly, in this case, I had multiple instances where the frame lock would slip out of place, causing the knife to close, during testing.


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