Zero Tolerance 0350 Review

October 27, 2014
Zero Tolerance 0350
Zero Tolerance 0350 ZT-0350_open2
Construction & Materials
Ease of Use
Steel Quality & Edge Retention

The Good

  • Size to weight ratio
  • Smooth opening
  • Liner Lock
  • S30V Blade Steel
  • Made In USA

The Bad

  • Blade style requires you to think before cutting
  • Tungsten Diamond-Like Coating rubs off after heavy use
  • Blade required re-sharpening twice during testing

The Zero Tolerance 0350 is a perfectly balanced knife and works well as an EDC knife or as a backpacking knife. Its recurve edge isn’t as universally useful as a drop-point or tanto-style blade, but in time you may become more accustomed to its nuances. Because of its styling and size, I think the Zero Tolerance 0350 would make an excellent choice for someone who appreciates a more tactical look and feel in their day-to-day doings.


Construction & Materials
I am a big fan of G10 handle scales, because they are durable and will hold a grip just as well wet as when they are dry. The S30V blade steel is a plus because it is durable and corrosion resistant, however—I think the Tungsten coating was a little over-kill here (more for form than function) and it wore off in some places during the rope slicing test.

Ease Of Use
The 0350 features a recurve-style blade, which is a style that has gained popularity over the years but requires a little finesse to apply during certain situations. For example, the ability to pierce and chop is reduced, but standard cutting is improved over a blade with a straight edge. The flipper action—which allows you to open the knife just as fast as an Automatic—is superb and probably one of the smoothest on the market today.

Steel Quality / Edge Retention
This could have been a by-product of the recurve-style blade, but I felt that the edge on the Zero Tolerance 0350 wasn’t as sharp as it could have been, out of the box. After re-sharpening, the knife had difficulty holding an edge during the standard cardboard cutting tests. This is not a common trait of S30V, which usually holds an edge quite well.

As far as the construction of the 0350 is concerned, it is extremely tough and can be used in many high demand situations before you would need to have to make any adjustments. After a full round of testing and a week in my pocket for daily use, the blade was still very tight in the handle. This is a sign of well thought out construction. I’m knocking off one point for the Tungsten blade coating, which began to rub off early on.

Considering the details of this knife—meticulous designs, high-end materials, and assisted opening—the Zero Tolerance 0350 features a very fair price of $125, especially when compared to other knives made of similar materials and boasting the same features.


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