Victorinox Swiss Army Junior Review

September 3, 2014
Victorinox Swiss Army Junior
Construction & Materials
Ease of Use
Steel Quality & Edge Retention

The Good

  • Swiss quality
  • Locking blade
  • Classic tweezers and toothpick do come in handy
  • T-Handle Phillips screwdriver
  • Designed for kids, but good for adults

The Bad

  • Designed for Boy-Scout-sized hands, not large adult ones
  • Round-tipped blades are limited in function

The Victorinox Junior 09 is the knife that you could get into a Cub Scout’s hands and they could use for the rest of their lives, or it could serve as a capable adult daily-carry pocketknife for light duty tasks. The lack of a pointed-tipped blade is not a deal-breaker (it actually assists in food preparation). In short, this is a multi-function tool that sits, almost un-noticed, in your pocket and is there when you need it.


Part of the Delemont collection, the Victorinox Junior 09 is a re-branded Wenger Junior 09 that survived the merger of the two Swiss knife giants, Victorinox and Wenger. It’s a simple pocketknife designed for kids and adults.

Construction & Materials
Over the years, I have collected and used Victorinox and Wenger knives in my day-to-day life and the only major complaint I have about them is the plastic handle scales. Without fail, they will eventually break or pop off (if dropped enough). This will not change the function of the knives, and it’s become a bit of the charm of these knives, but it will require you to return it to Victorinox to be fixed.

Ease of Use
I haven’t met a Swiss Army Knife that wasn’t easy to use, and the Junior 09 is just as easy as all of the others. Because this knife is truly targeted at youngsters, adults may find the round blade lacks the amount of functions they are used to with a pointed blade, but kudos to Wenger/Victorinox for looking out for the kids—and making a knife that helps them get acclimated at a younger age.

Steel Quality & Edge Retention
When I was a stock boy at an outdoor and workwear shop, I only used Victorinox knives to open and breakdown cardboard boxes (probably because we sold them). So, I knew what to expect with this blade—it gets dull pretty quickly when used to the extreme. Used on occasion, like most pocketknives, the blade will stay sharp for quite some time.

It’s a Swiss Army Knife—it’s designed to last generations. If taken care of properly and used as a typical pocketknife, you’ll never have to worry about the Junior 09. My test sample has had no problems, but in my experience with knives like these, if you drop it or it gets smashed in your pocket, you’ll need new handles. Don’t worry about the guts of the knife, however—they’re pinned in place with some serious determination.

Swiss Army style knives have always and will remain to be fairly priced and made of quality materials. Whether it’s branded Wenger or Victorinox, you’re sure to have a knife you can keep for a lifetime.


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