Puma Faas 100 TR Review

April 14, 2014
Puma Faas 100 TR
Security (of fit)
Comfort & Protection
Agility & Traction
Energy Efficiency

The Good

  • A sock-like fit with 18mm of shoe underfoot
  • Lightest in our test

The Bad

  • No stability
  • minimal lugs limits these to easy, dry, packed trails

Best for light, fast, efficient runners, the Puma Faas 100 TR are a lot like trail racing flats. Speedsters should be thrilled by the combination of a slipper-like fit upper with a moderate layer of cushioning. We enjoyed them best for speed work on a smooth gravel trail and for asphalt stretches on the way to the trail. They have a similar stack height to the New Balance Zero V2 Trail, but the ride difference comes in the tread pattern. Without pronounced lugs, the Puma Faas 100 TR feels more like a “minimalist” shoe and gives a much more pronounced ground feel.


Light and low to the ground, with just enough traction, serious racers can grab the Puma Faas 100 TR for trail race flats to hammer on cruiser courses. The foam midsole provides some support, but stays super-flexible. The lack of tongue means you slip into them easily, but you also have laces to tighten for a more secure fit.

Security of Fit
The fit on the Puma Faas 100 TR is secure and confidence inspiring. It conforms to your foot from the heel to mid-foot and opens just-enough to give you wiggle room in the toe box.

Comfort & Protection
A foamy midsole gives just a bit of cushion for underfoot comfort without diminishing the great ground feel. There is a small toe bumper and the toe has an overlay on the upper for light protection and added durability. There is a wrap overlay from the inside of the midsole around to the outside of your foot to add some structure to the mesh upper, but no lateral stability. That combined with the absence of a rock plate makes nimble stepping is your best defense against trail hazards.

Given the minimalistic design and low lugs, the Puma Faas 100 TR can go as fast as you can.

Agility & Traction
Same story here. The Faas 100 TR is as agile and confidence inspiring as you can ask for a shoe to be. However, when it comes to traction, there is enhanced multi-directional tread at the heel and toe for stepping security during striking and toe-off, but the minimal lugs keep these from feeling tacky on tight curves, loose surfaces, mud, etc.

Energy Efficiency
The midsole foam does give some energy return, but, for the most part, these had an average responsiveness.

This isn’t a lot of shoe for $100, but it does provide a minimalist runner with exactly what they need and none of what they don’t.


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