Oakley Tour de France Radarlock XL Straight Stem Review

February 11, 2014
Oakley Tour de France Radarlock XL Straight Stem
Lens Clarity
Helmet Compatability
Coverage / Wind Resistance
Fit / Comfort
Overall Performance

The Good

  • Solid performance features for cyclists
  • Lightweight design
  • Temples designed for under-helmet comfort
  • Wide, wrapped, shield lens offers good coverage
  • Interchangeable lens design with two lens tints

The Bad

  • Nosepads are not adjustable
  • Frame material is a bit stiff

The Oakley Tour de France Radarlock XL Straight Stem delivered on-the-bike performance and comfort that’s just right for cyclists. For long hauls, the stiffer frame material was a bit unforgiving. Still, the extra-wide (XL) wrapped shield lens offered a solid visual experience with minimal fogging.


Fit & Comfort
The Radarlock XL Straight Stem is noticeably lightweight, a feature that I appreciated—the weight of this sunglass was comfortable, even on the burliest of rides. Still, I found its design and O Matter® frame material to be a bit stiff, which detracted some comfort points from this performance sunglass.

The Radarlock XL Straight Stem’s cycling-specific design, however, makes up for any love lost. The Straight Stem edition of the Radarlock sunglass is engineered to fit better under a helmet—and it does. This sunglass slides easily under a bike helmet and stays put with minimal jostling during rides.

Lens Clarity
This sunglass’ lenses also have a cycling-focused design that I fully appreciated during long training road rides. In addition to its wide peripheral field of vision, the XL Straight Stem edition of the Radarlock has a design and deeper lens that extends the angle of view when the wearer’s head is tilted downwards, such as the position when riding a road bike. This was an excellent feature that was unique to this sunglass—no other sunglass in this test offered as much of an expanded view when riding.

In addition, the Radarlock’s lens clarity is excellent. That clarity extends to all edges of the wrapped lenses—not the case with all performance sunglasses—and the visual performance of Oakley’s Plutonite lens material was strong. We experienced clarity, solid sun shielding, glare reduction, and minimal lens smudging.

This sunglass also has an interchangeable lens system that works well and swaps easily with minimal smudging. The Tour de France Radarlock XL Straight Stem package comes with two lenses for varying light conditions. Both have a small TdF logo engraved on the lens corner.

Wind Resistance
The Radarlock’s lens curvature delivered side protection that kept the wind out effectively, even on the long, windy rides that are common in Colorado. An in-lens and in-temple venting system also kept sweat and fogging out of the equation.

Best For:
Changing Light Conditions
Peripheral Vision
Wind Resistance

Bad For:
Small Faces
Custom Fit


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