Costa del Mar Cocos Review

March 15, 2013
Costa del Mar Cocos
Lens Clarity
Style Points
Coverage / Wind Resistance
Fit / Comfort
Overall Performance

The Good

  • Solid performance blended with classic aviator style
  • Excellent optics with full-coverage polarization
  • Polycarbonate lenses with anti-scratch/water-repellant coatings
  • Gripping temples
  • Cooling, anti-fog air venting system

The Bad

  • Felt heavy during longer activities
  • Slightly uncomfortable under a helmet

The Costa del Mar Cocos pairs sophisticated style with light performance. It’s a perfect fit for anglers who also enjoy the scene at cocktail hour. This sunglass also works for hikers, runner, and bikers, but on a more limited basis (best for shorter activities) due to its weight and construction. The full-coverage polycarbonate, polarized optics are top-notch and the lens coatings keep water, oil, and scratches at bay.


The Design
The Cocos combines a metal aviator front with chunkier plastic temples for a more modern take on the classic. This sunglass feels light despite its metal front, however, it does become slightly uncomfortable for longer activities.

Even though the Cocos has a larger frame design, the thin frame profile remains out of sight; we experienced no visual disturbance with this sunglass.

Lens Clarity
We tested the Copper 580P lens and found the optics to be crisp and clear in a variety of light conditions. The polarization worked better than most courtesy of Costa’s 180-degree application of polarizing film for total coverage.

In addition, the Cocos’ strong, light, and shatter-resistant polycarbonate lens provided extra security. We also appreciated the hydrophobic (i.e. water-resistant) and oleophobic (i.e. oil-resistant) coatings on the lens.

Wind Resistance
While the Cocos doesn’t have a wrap design, it does offer broad coverage due to its larger frame design. Thus, this sunglass does block some wind but it’s not nearly as effective at the job as a wrap sunglass.

Fit & Comfort
The Cocos slips on easily; the plastic temples ensure a comfortable fit with a more substantial metal frame. The temples are also covered in a grippy plastic that helps keep them in place during activities. The metal front did feel heavy and caused slight discomfort at times during activities such as running and cycling, especially during longer rides and runs. It did, however, fit comfortably under a helmet.

Style Points
The Cocos is a perfect fit for more conservative, traditional fashion followers. The aviator design is a classic, while the larger plastic temples give this sunglass a modern spin.


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