The One Smart Watch for All Activities

The One Smart Watch for All Activities

Garmin fenix 2 Watch 1

Garmin’s newly revamped fenix 2 adventure watch ($400) is pretty compelling for those who love to hop between different sports. Released in March, the device targets multisport enthusiasts to provide real-time feedback during their workout in order to help them hit their training goals, with discrete functions geared to each particular sport. Some of the modes include running-specific elements first introduced in their Forerunner 620; ski/board and cross-country skiing, which measures three-dimensional speed and distance and breaks down the data to individual runs; and a swim mode that records stroke count, interval distance, pace, and timing for both indoor and outdoor training. And that’s just for starters. You also get a sophisticated GPS, altimeter, barometer, and a three-axel compass to add that mountain of data (along with all the other expected smart watch functions), and it can wirelessly transfer data to Garmin’s online community and their mobile app, and communicates with all variety of sensors, power meters, and action cameras. Hell, this thing could probably control the international space station if you could get it up there.
—Nathan Borchelt

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