Garmin Epix offers handy navigational aids for adventurers

Garmin Epix offers handy navigational aids for adventurers

With their Epix, Garmin hopes to redefine how people view smart watches, fitness trackers and hand-held GPS units. The Epix, available in March, offers these functions in a rugged watch designed to be taken into extreme conditions.

The Epix offers detailed color mapping on its 1.4-inch touchscreen. Other key features include a fitness tracker, customizable software, and the ability to pair the watch with a smart phone for updates and data transfers.

Coming in at $600, the Epix includes a 100K topo map set. The price compares well with other high-end adventure watches but the mapping function makes it more appealing than some of its competitors, especially for backpackers and other trail users. The Epix has the potential to simplify an adventure by eliminating the need to carry separate fitness trackers and GPS units—that means less stuff to recharge in the field, so your portable power needs are reduced as well. 

The Garmin Epix will be available in March and Gear Institute Experts will conduct full field tests and provide reviews of the Epix as well as other tech watches later this year. Stay tuned.