Seldom does one product work so well for such a broad range of users. From wade-fishing anglers to mountain trekkers, to city commuters, the Hillsound Freesteps6 Crampons ($40) helps keep users upright in slick conditions. The crampons slip easily onto nearly any shoe or boot—the rubber support band simply stretches around the footwear’s upper, snugging the steel cleats tight against the boot’s outsole. The sharp spikes on the five stainless steel hubs and heel bar bite into any surface, providing secure footing on snow-slick trails, ice-covered sidewalks, mossy river rocks, and slick submerged logs.  During one recent weekend in Washington Cascades, the FreeSteps6 helped get me to the top of 6,858-foot Norse Peak one day, and wade the clear, cold waters of the Yakima River the next.