Fort Standard Fire 2
How you feel about Fort Standard’s Fire will largely depend on your discretionary spending budget. Dropping $125 for what basically amounts to a fancy matchbox could be seen as a ridiculous indulgence. But if you have the spare money and covet carefully crafted products, it may seem like a worthy investment. After all, calling the Fire “a matchbox” does the Queens, NYC-based design studio a disservice considering the level of craftsmanship in evidence. The waterproof kit is machined from solid brass with a rough bottom to serve as a striking pad, a fistful of strike-anywhere matches, and a ball of cotton in the top to serve as tinder. The engraving on the side reads: “Fire – Light & Warmth – Strike on the bottom.” Again, stating the obvious, but it’s done in damn attractive way.
—Nathan Borchelt

Fort Standard Fire 1

Fort Standard Fire 3