Follow #GIStoke on Instagram

Follow #GIStoke on Instagram


If you haven’t surfed over to @gearinstitute lately, you’re probably gonna want to do that right about now. 

We’re stacked with more than two dozen of of the best outdoor gear testers in America, dedicated to providing our followers with the most credible, objective, and helpful gear reviews and advice on the web. 

Guides, veteran product testers and top-level outdoor athletes put each product through extensive field testing against comparable products to provide gear buyers with clear, trustworthy, consumer-friendly comparisons of high-performance outdoor gear — and we want to see your Instagram posts and photos of you and your friends (family, boyfriends, dogs, cats) out using and abusing gear! 


Tag #GIStoke on all your pics so we can share them and see what you’re up to…and what we should review next!

If you want to join our team as a lead product tester, technical advisor, or field testing volunteer, email us at [email protected] We look for three things in applicants: legitimate expertise about a given category of outdoor gear, an ability to write clearly and credibly, and the enthusiasm for conducting thorough gear testing.

If you want to get in touch with our team for any other reason, hit us up at [email protected] And in the meantime…let’s see that #GIStoke!