Fjallraven’s High Coast Collection Makes Lightweight Functionality Stylish Again

Fjallraven’s High Coast Collection Makes Lightweight Functionality Stylish Again


It used to be that only backpackers and ultra runners were overly concerned with the weight of their gear, but these days the practicality of shedding excess ounces is making the practice more appealing to everyone from mountain bikers and casual hikers to urban commuters and global travelers. For decades, Swedish outfitter Fjallraven has proven that it can provide the kind of functional clothing and gear that’s durable enough to handle the toughest Scandinavian conditions with the kind of casual outdoor style that never seems to go out of fashion. With the release of its new High Coast collection, however, the company is showing that it can accomplish those same lofty goals in a lightweight package that will make even the most stingy ounce-counters giddy with excitement.


The style of the High Coast collection was inspired by the rugged granite cliffs and rock-strewn islands along Sweden’s breathtaking coast, and the products within the collection were all designed to stand up to the formidable elements that define this region while maintaining the light weight that makes them easy to wear on any excursion. The High Coast Trousers are made from Fjallraven’s signature G-1000 Lite fabric that allows you to increase the wind and water resistance by adding more wax to the fast-drying fabric. The pants are tapered near the ankle and feature streamlined pockets that won’t get hung up on obstacles during active pursuits. The trousers retail for $120 and while they’re extremely lightweight and ventilated enough to remain comfortable on extend hikes, they’re also durable enough to maintain their good looks when you step out onto the town.

High-coast-wind-jacket 1

Weighing in on the lighter side of nothing, the High Coast Wind Jacket is easy to roll up, toss it into your pack, and forget about until you need it. Once the wind hits, however, you’ll realize that there’s nothing lightweight about this jacket. The $190 jacket is made from wax-impregnated fabric that helps keep out light rain and bone-chilling breezes while maintaining the light weight that makes it practical enough to take anywhere. It features a zippered chest pocket as well as pair of zippered hip pockets, as well as a full-coverage adjustable hood that adds to its functionality and rugged good looks.


There are times when the plethora of pockets in most packs can help you stay organized, but there are other times when simplicity reigns supreme and you just need a pack that you can throw your gear in and go. Those are the times that the High Coast 18 is made for. Available for $55, the High Coast 18 features one large main compartment with a drawstring closing that’s secured with an easy-to-access steel hook. A small internal zippered pocket and another zippered pocket on the front help keep cell phones, keys, and other small essentials organized while the padded shoulder straps make it comfortable to carry the pack all day. The High Coast 18 is made from two kinds of G-1000 fabric to help keep your gear dry if the weather turns sour, and the pack is even designed to stuff into its front pocket for easy storage and packing.

fjallraven classic

And if you’re looking for an adventure to take it on, Fjallraven has a solution for that, too. This August, the company is showing that stylish and functional gear aren’t the only traditions it’s bringing across the pond as it hosts its first annual Fjallraven Classic USA. Scheduled for August 19-21, the Fjallraven Classic will bring together backpackers from across the country for a 3-day excursion into the stunning scenery of Colorado’s remote mountains. Led by a team of Fjallraven’s experienced ambassadors, the Fjallraven Classic is modeled after the popular events that have been a Swedish tradition for more than 16 years and will give participants of all skill levels an opportunity to experience the kind of natural simplicity and rugged beauty that seems to define Fjallraven’s clothes and gear. Participants need to bring their own equipment, but the $199 registration fee includes food and water for the trip, transportation to the trailhead, and an invitation to the celebratory festival at the end of the excursion. Gear up for a great time!

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