First Aid Kit for Water Sports

First Aid Kit for Water Sports

Outdoor recreation often results in injuries and getting prompt medical treatment usually means being cared for in the field with your own gear.

Most hikers, climbers, trekkers, and scramblers carry at least a modest first aid kit, but all too often, water enthusiasts forget that essential. Yet injuries occur on water as frequently as on land. That’s why American Medical Kits offers a kit design specifically for boaters, anglers, and other aquatic recreationists. The AMK Steelhead kit ($25) includes the basic first aid gear needed to treat the most common injuries that occur during paddle sports. The Steelhead, part of AMK’s Ultralight and Watertight line, packs the first aid gear into waterproof pouches, which fit securely in a tough, bright-orange zippered kit bag that floats.

The AMK Steelhead makes a great addition to any boatman’s gearbox.