Fat and Light?

Fat and Light?

Backcountry skiers are looking for plus-size surface area on their boards, but also a butterfly light weight. Boards that feature both can create their own powder cults, ala Movement Skis’ Logic X.

A boutique brand making small batch woodcore boards, Movement hit a nerve among backcountry guides and deep turn farmers with the Logic X. The skis weigh around five pounds per pair and feature a wide tip for float in the mixed conditions (127mm), with a carve friendly waist width of 88 mm.

Movement is making the ski available in North America again this fall for the 2011-12 season, although at an aficionado price of $1,069. Compare the cost of sweet powder turns you earn to the price of a lift ticket and send us a balance sheet if you try these out and we will publish it. That means you too Movement reps!

Bottom line: cool ski off-piste alpine is your terrain, and you can find it.