ExOfficio’s Storm Logic Vest Makes a Great Travel Companion

ExOfficio’s Storm Logic Vest Makes a Great Travel Companion


If you travel frequently, finding clothes that look good, perform well, and are versatile enough to be worn in a variety of situations is a must. ExOfficio has been delivering apparel that meets those standards for years, with shirts, pants, jackets, and even underwear that are designed specifically with the active traveler in mind. But the new Storm Logic Vest just might be the company’s most travel friendly piece of clothing yet, which is saying something considering the brand’s heritage.

Made with Primaloft Sport, the vest is lightweight, wind resistant, and quite warm. Its outer fabrics also feature a DWR coating that helps repel moisture, ensuring that the wearer stays warm and dry even when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Other nice touches include a drop-tail hem that provides extra coverage when needed, and a microfleece lining on the collar and two zippered hand pockets. These features make the vest a great choice when traveling to cool weather destinations or for wearing around town in the damp conditions of winter and fall.


But ExOfficio really went the extra mile when creating the Storm Logic by thinking long and hard about what travelers needed from their clothing. To that end, they added five pockets on the interior of the vest, each with their own specific purpose. For instance, one of the pockets is designed to hold a pair of sunglasses, and as such it is lined with a microfleece fabric to protect the lenses from scratches. Another pocket is sized appropriately for carrying a tube of chapstick, while a third is a secure place to store your passport. There is even a pocket built to hold a small tablet, and another for your smartphone. The latter comes complete with a touch-friendly plastic window that allows you to interact with the device without having to take it out. 

But the real hidden feature of the Storm Logic Vest is its ability to convert into a surprisingly comfortable travel pillow. It takes just a matter of seconds to pack it into yet another hidden pocket, creating a soft, cosy support for your head. When in pillow mode, the vest even comes equipped with two straps that use Velcro to hold it in place around your neck on a long flight. 

Frequent travelers will find the Storm Logic Vest is an excellent piece of gear to have in their wardrobe. it is tough to beat the convenience, versatility, and comfort that it provides. It is also quite reasonably priced at $125, and available in both a men’s and women’s version