ENO Looks Beyond Hammocks

ENO Looks Beyond Hammocks


Eagle’s Nest Outfitters, more commonly referred to as ENO, knows a little something about the hammock life – a life that allows you to fully commune with nature and your fellow campers while moving with the breeze. ENO also knows a little something about culture which they continue to cultivate by offering up innovative and enlightening products designed to help us hang out a little longer under the stars; sway in a different way when tailgating, or attempt to eek out every last inch of a day’s experience before finally turning in for the night. For the tail end of 2016, they’ve set their sights on expanding our possibilities even more by breaking into new product segments, capitalizing on ones they helped exploit, and by reminding us to love the ones we’re with.

I know, it’s starting to get a little Woodstock-crunchy here, but that’s what it’s all about. Hanging out and hanging on.

With that being said, here’s some of what’s ENO has in store for us for the rest of the year:

Nomad Hammock Stand
Earlier this year ENO introduced three new hammock stands – the Roadie, the SoloPod, and the Triple – which took us out of the woods, and into backyards, parking lots, and even living rooms. This fall, ENO plans on taking us back into the woods – or anywhere we want to go, really – with their lightweight and portable “Nomad” Hammock Stand. Essentially two shock-corded aluminum tripods connected by a roughly ten foot center pole, the Nomad weighs 15 lbs and can be quickly deployed wherever you may please. Not only is this the lightest hammock stand in ENO’s line up, but it’s the first of its kind worldwide.


Billow Air Lounge
ENO will tell you that they’re not the first company to come up with the concept of a massive and durable air pillow, but they may well have just created the most colorful version to date. Made from durable and sustainable Repreve Fiber (which was a plastic bottle in a former life), the Billow has an integrated storage pocket, and comes with optional stakes to keep it in place. These nomadic air mattresses are sure to be a hit at festivals and on dorm room floors come autumn.

The Lounger DL
Not really a new segment for ENO, but a new approach altogether, their Lounger DL managed to blow my mind within minutes of sitting in it. Visually, the Lounger DL represents the next step in the evolutionary process for the typical camp chair. It’s made from durable ripstop nylon, has a cup holder, and has an aluminum frame. What makes it so revolutionary is that the design of the chair not only wraps itself around you, but – and brothers and sisters, this is where the magic happens – it actually sways a bit like a hammock when you get down into it. Coming in at under 5lbs, the Lounger DL also has adjustable legs that allow you to get low to the ground as you drift away, or rise up to prep you for that second encore – whether you’re at a concert or not.


ENO has been in the hammock game for almost twenty years and in that time it is safe to say they have helped to pioneer a trend that is ten degrees hotter than hell right now – the hammock life movement. Being a guy who ditched his tent a few years back in favor of a hammock myself, a product line expansion like this is exciting to see. Being a guy who is a design engineer by day, a product line expansion like this is a bit beyond comprehension. I mean, where do you really go when you’re core product is a hammock? How far can you push at the seams without losing focus? With this line-up, not only has ENO proven they can expand the uses of their awesome hammocks, but they’ve also been able to develop their brand into areas with products that don’t stray too far from their brand’s nucleus. I’m impressed to say the least and look forward to getting to put some of these new products into play in both my active and sedentary lives.

Kudos to you, Eno! This is all new and wild and I didn’t even mention the Lava Lamp. (Yeah folks, there’s totally a lava lamp coming out too. It’s called the Eclipse Lantern, but you really need to experience that one firsthand.)

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