Energy Sac is a Smart Backpack Designed for Work and Play

Energy Sac is a Smart Backpack Designed for Work and Play


These day it seems like just about every new product claims to be “smart” in some way. We have smartphones of course, and smartwatches have certainly grown in popularity over the past year or two. Here at Gear Institute, we’ve even taken a look at smart bikes, smart camp lights, smart shoes, and a smart surfboard. Now, you can add a smart backpack to that list, as a new product called the Energy Sac has launched on Kickstarter and promises to be a versatile bag that you can take with you anywhere. 

So what makes Energy Sac so smart? Well, for starters it comes equipped with a removable solar panel capable of recharging your mobile devices while on the go. The solar panel quickly and easily attaches to the front of the pack when you want to collect energy from the sun, which is in turn stored in a built-in battery pack that capable of holding up to 10000 mAh of juice. That’s enough to recharge an iPhone 6 up to four times. When not in use, the solar panel can be stored in it own specially designated pocket in the bag, keeping it safe from harm and changing the look of the pack significantly. 


Other nice touches include an external USB port that offers easy access when you’re ready to charge your gadgets, as well as an integrated GPS tracker that helps you locate your pack should it go missing. A dedicated debit/credit card holder on one of the shoulder straps puts your most used cards in a safe, easy to reach place, while a hidden pocket on the back of the bag keeps important documents away from prying eyes. 

Made from durable, weather resistant fabrics, the Energy Sac has plenty of storage space including a large main pocket, a dedicated laptop sleeve, a key organizer, and a water bottle holder. It even has reflective highlights that help to keep the pack – and the person wearing it – more visible after dark. 

energy sac 2

The designers of the Energy Sac are hoping to raise $20,000 to get their baby into production. At the moment, they’ve got a little more than half of that with three weeks to go in their Kickstarter campaign. If they are successful, the pack is expected to begin shipping in November with a price tag of $229. Early bird contributors can get one for as low as $99 however simply by contributing to the cause now. 

Find out more – and order a smart backpack of your own – on the Energy Sac Kickstater page.