Electric Stacker Sunglasses: Good Looks and Great Protection

Electric Stacker Sunglasses: Good Looks and Great Protection


Remember those protective glasses we all had to wear in Tech Ed. class that made you look like a total knob but shielded your eyes from flying debris? Well, Electric Sunglasses has taken the concept of those shades and reimagined them in both form and function as eyewear for the outdoor world. The end result is The Stacker, a singular pair of dual-layer sunglasses that allows us to look good while still protecting our eyes from the elements from all angles when we need them the most.

Available in four different colors, The Stacker frame is made from lightweight, impact-resistant, and flexible Grylamid material. The glasses also have a removable soft-touch eye mask that is designed to block out light and debris when you’re out on an adventure. The Stacker frame also features anti-slip nose and temple grips, and a fog reducing lens ventilation system to ensure unobstructed vision while they stay solidly in place on your face.

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In terms of lens options, the Stacker is available with Electric’s propriety OHM lens technology which features synthetic Melanin for protection from the sun, increased clarity, and an overall peaceful, easy feeling for your eyes. They are also available in an “OHM+Polarized” combo, which increases eye protection and overall clarity, making them the strong choice for anyone playing on the water.

Don’t expect some boardwalk surf shop pricing here as The Stacker will set you back $180-$260 depending on how you’d like them configured. But if you’re an outdoor aficionado who spends their days hanging ten out in space and time, or bombing down dirt trails, you need a quality pair of righteous sunglasses packed with innovation and protection. That type of eyewear generally doesn’t come cheap or easy in a single pair of shades. On top of that, these sunglasses just look good – more like a modern take on those wild shades “Starsky and Hutch” used to wear rather than your high school shop class glasses. It’s tough to get much cooler than that.