Edgevale is an Outdoor Start-Up Success Story

Edgevale is an Outdoor Start-Up Success Story


There’s really nothing new or revolutionary about a company that makes clothing designed for use both in the office and on the trail. Companies like Carhartt and Mountain Khakis have been successfully doing that for years. But there is something really awesome about a small group of people getting together to build a new brand comprised of products that are versatile enough to be used for both work and play. It is even more impressive when they’re doing it without the backing of a big conglomerate.

One company that is doing just that is California based Edgevale. Founded in 2013, this outdoor start-up has used locally sourced materials to create a whole line of outdoor apparel, including pants, shirts, and hats. What makes them stick out from the crowd – besides their sweet logo – is the attention to detail that is displayed in everything they make. Take for example the 1000D Cordura pocket gusset featured on their Cast Iron Shorts. This little extra piece of fabric will keep your pockets from getting frayed or ripped from a knife pocket clip, carabineer, or other sharp edge, which helps to prolong the life of the clothing.


Additionally, the Edgevale crew seems to be ahead of the curve in regards to what’s going to be hot in the outdoor fashion world. There were rumblings this spring and over the summer that shirt-jackets were going to be all the rage – and guess who just so happens to have a line of them in their catalog? You know they didn’t just whip those up in the past few months, but instead had the foresight and inspiration to create those products well before the trend took off. Now, it looks like that investment will pay off.

So, to summarize, Edgevale is a homegrown clothing company with a cool logo that offers a sweet line-up of clothing and accessories that are designed and sourced here in the United States. Their products can deftly bridge a gap between work and play by not only looking good, but performing well in both environments too. That level of versatility helps to justify the company’s price tags, which fall in line with some of the big dogs, like Patagonia, and Toad&Co.

I know I’m sold.