Introducing the $1 Million RV

Introducing the $1 Million RV

XV-HD-Beach front-view saturated

Colorado-based RV maker EarthRoamer is well known for building big, tough recreational vehicles that can be taken just about anywhere. In fact, the company’s four-wheel drive, turbo diesel XV-LT model is pretty much the standard by which all other RV’s are measured. With its spacious interior, luxurious amenities – including big screen tv and granite kitchen counters –and plush furnishings, the LT is pretty much a mobile command station for backcountry camping adventures where roughing it isn’t necessarily a priority. 

Recently EarthRoamer moved to a new manufacturing facility outside Denver where they are about to begin production on an even bigger and badder model. The newly announced XV-HD promises to take everything that people loved about the original LT, and blow it up to even more impressive proportions. 

XVHD-Driver Exterior

Built on the massive Ford F-650 platform, the HD is 35 feet in length, making it more than 7 feet longer than the already impressive LT. Like its predecessor, the latest member the EarthRoamer family offers four-wheel drive, a powerful diesel engine, and a rugged design that is made to go just about anywhere. And with its 145 gallon fuel tank, military-grade tires, and specially designed suspension, it should have no problem doing just that. 

Inside, the HD is no less impressive. It offers room to seat 8 people, and sleeping space for 6. It also comes equipped with a wine rack, flat panel televisions, a Wi-Fi hotspot, and a washer and dryer that are connected to a 200-gallon water tank. The vehicle also features a bank of rechargeable batteries for keeping all of our high-tech gadgets functioning, as well as an array of solar panels built-in to the roof to generate power. The HD even has a garage in the back to park ATV’s and motorcycles too. 

XVHD-Passenger-Rear Exterior

As you can probably tell, everything about the XV-HD is big, and that includes the price tag. EarthRoamer expects to finalize the design of the vehicle this fall in preparation for shipping its first models in the following months. Those units will start at a base price of about $925,000, although the final cost will depend on the various options selected by the buyer. 

EarthRoamer CEO Bill Swails tells Business Den that he already has at least one customer interested in the HD, and that in time he believes it could outsell the LT. The company’s classic model has sold about 150 units since it was first introduced back in 2003, which is actually an impressive number considering they are each handmade to customer specifications. 

The photos shown here are all renders of what the new HD is expected to look like when it finally goes on sale. If your budget allows for such a top of the line camper, you can find out more at

XVHD-Passenger-Solar Exterior