Duofold by Champion: Baselayers for the Rest of Us

Duofold by Champion: Baselayers for the Rest of Us

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When it comes to staying warm in cold conditions, good baselayers are an absolute must. Not only are they the first line of defense in terms of temperature control, they also play an important role in keeping our bodies warm and dry, even while taking part in intense aerobic activities.

But if you’ve ever shopped for baselayers, you know there are a lot of options to choose from, and they can range in price dramatically. For instance, we recently shared our thoughts on baselayers from a company called Kora, which use yak wool rather than the more common mernio wool. Those products performed exceptionally well, but were also priced at a point that put them outside of the budget of the average outdoor enthusiast.

Fortunately, there are other options available that still offer great performance at a more wallet-friendly price. Take for example the line of products from Duofold by Champion, a company that has been making baselayers and cold weather gear for decades. Their apparel is designed for those of us who aren’t necessarily going on an expedition to the Arctic, but still need gear that can keep us comfortable during our cold weather pursuits. In a sense, they’re making baselayers that are meant for the rest of us, offering good performance that we can all afford. Here are just a few options they have to choose from.


Varitherm Men’s Long Sleeve Thermal Shirt ($44.99)
Using Duofold’s expedition weight fabrics, this shirt offers two thermal layers to provide warmth even in very cold conditions. It is designed to wick moisture away from the body, dry quickly, and resist odors, making it a great choice for those active trips that could last for several days. Made from stretchy materials built to move with your body, it also features a drop-tail hem to provide extra coverage.


Veritherm Brushed Back Men’s Pants ($34.99)
These baselayer pants utilize brushed back fabrics to provide the highest level of warmth at the lightest weight possible. They incorporate C Vapor technology that allows them to dry quickly, even as your body heat rises. Those same fabrics were made to avoid chafing, keeping you comfortable on the trail or around the lodge.


THERMAtrix Men’s 1/4 Zip Pullover ($39.99)
Designed to provide plenty of warmth without adding any bulk, this 1/4 zip pullover also uses C Vapor fabrics to facilitate quick drying when things start to heat up. It also includes thumbholes and a droptail hem for extra coverage in cold weather, this is a garment that looks great on or off the trail.



Vapor PowerTrain Stealth Heat Long Sleeve Shirt ($22.99)
A lighter weight layer, this long-sleeve shirt is designed to be worn on its own, or as part of a full layering system. Perfect for running in cool weather conditions, it features fast drying and wicking properties, as well as UV protection and an anti-odor coating as well. It is even highly reflective, making it a good choice for workouts in low-light conditions too.

This is just a sampling of some of the layering options that Duofold by Champion has to offer. Check out more on the company’s website.