The VW Campervans Get New Life

The VW Campervans Get New Life

Dub Box Camper Trailer 1

Retro-chic is all the rage right now—the urban lumberjack shall never die!—but as grand as the throwback aesthetic can be, we prefer our wool sweaters to be svelte and itch-free, our day packs to have laptop sleeves, and our trailer campers to have all the all-mod conveniences of a contemporary apartment. Dub Box bridges these desires with their unabashedly retro, tres-hip series of trailers. The 100-percent fiberglass Camper looks like the old VW Campervans of old (their site promises that none were hurt in the process of making these new trailers). So you get that old school aesthetic on the outside, while the inside is outfitted with a spacious dining area for four, a convertible double bed, a custom kitchenette, full insulation, and a variety of options, including an outdoor shower, fridge, and Bluetooth speaker stereo. Better still, you can put your particular spin the whole thing by customizing everything, from the external paint job to the upholstery, work tops, cupboards, flooring, and blinds. Go full retro with a pea-green color scheme, or mod it up with various shades of gray. The overall length measures in at 16 feet (including the towing frame), and is six feet tall and just under six feet wide. Prices start at $19,500.
—Nathan Borchelt

Dub Box Camper Trailer 2

Dub Box Camper Trailer 3

Dub Box Camper Trailer 4