Drones are awesome. Until they invade your privacy.

Drones are awesome. Until they invade your privacy.


As drones have become increasingly more common in our lives, they have also become more invasive too. These autonomous flying machines are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and most of them come equipped with high definition cameras too. This of course brings its own set of privacy concerns that have lawmakers struggling to build sensible rules that ensure public safety, but also allow for the reasonable use of drones too.



Unsurprisingly, the private sector is looking for solutions to this problem as well. For instance, a company called Dedrone is building drone detectors for individuals and corporations alike. These devices help defend their airspace from unwanted intrusions by alerting them when a drone enters the area. Check out the video below to see a number of unexpected ways that drones are being used to not only invade privacy, but also pose a threat to safety and security too.