Cotopaxi Introduces its First Tent Ever

Cotopaxi Introduces its First Tent Ever


Cotopaxi, the company best known for making outdoor and adventure travel apparel – not to mention some incredibly colorful backpacks – has announced today that it is introducing its first tent ever. Mirroring the other products in the company’s line-up, the new Techo 3 features smart design and well-integrated functionality in a relatively affordable and lightweight package that should appeal to backpackers and casual campers alike. 

As the name implies, the Techo 3 is designed to sleep three people comfortably, while still providing plenty of room for all of their gear as well. Extended side-walls give the tent plenty of square footage, allowing campers to stretch out without feeling like they are on top of one another. Dual doors grant easy access from either side of the shelter, while four internal mesh pockets, an iPad sleeve, and an integrated gear attic keep important personal items close at hand.

With its double-walled construction the Techo 3 is ideal for three-season camping, and its included rainfly provides an extra measure of protection when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Once installed, the rainfly creates two vestibules that allow the tent’s occupants to access their backpacks, boots, and other important gear, without having to expose themselves to the elements. Cotopaxi also offers an optional footprint ($25) that protects the Techo 3’s floor from moisture as well, while preventing water from seeping inside from below. 


In designing the Techo 3 Cotopaxi has managed to find a happy middle ground in terms of price and weight. The tent tips the scales at 6.5 pounds and retails for $279, which is a competitive price for a reasonably lightweight camping shelter. Obviously there are lighter three-person tents on the market, but they generally come with a heftier pricetag. This tent slides nicely in the middle, which will probably make it a popular option. 

Of course, Cotopaxi also backs the tent with their famous “human lifespan warranty.” That means the Techo 3 – like all of the company’s products – is guaranteed to last for about 60 years, which is currently the average lifespan of someone living in the developing world. As that lifespan increases – something that Cotopaxi is striving towards – so will the warranty.  

Find out more about the Techo 3 on the Cotopaxi website