Water-Ready Hikers

Water-Ready Hikers

Columbia Drainmaker II Shoe Main

Relive the childhood pleasures of stomping through puddles mid-hike—or kicking your way through low-flowing streams that can flood a trail—by wearing a pair of Columbia’s Drainmaker II ($85) shoes. This upgrade from the original water shoe has an arsenal of drainage ports in the heel and forefront to let it release water up to 35 percent faster than earlier models. Their “Omni-Grip” rubber grip may sound like the name of a rejected NASA mission, but prelim tests show that it sticks to wet surfaces like rocks and wood, and extra lugs add to the overall grip. The single-layer upper breathes almost as well as a mesh tank top, and the removable footbed makes it easier to dry ‘em out overnight. As with most water shoes, small rocks and other debris will get in—and won’t completely exit the shoe till you take ‘em off and give ‘em a rinse or a good shake. But anything save neoprene knee-highs has the same issues. We love them as a go-to canyoneering kicks. But they’re also great for warm-weather traveling, especially if you opt for the more subdued black or gray color options.
—Nathan Borchelt 

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