Coffee Now and Later: Stanley’s Vacuum Coffee System

Coffee Now and Later: Stanley’s Vacuum Coffee System

Stanley’s Vacuum Coffee System provides “take and make” options. The unique product centers on a Stanley vacuum-insulated bottle that holds 1 liters of coffee or any hot liquid. That vacuum bottle nests into a stainless steel pot—with an integrated French press screen—that can be used to brew an additional liter of coffee. The bottle’s three-part lid separates into two drinking cups and a small storage container that holds a pot’s worth of ground coffee.

stanley-coffee-systemThe system provides an efficient coffee system for recreationists traveling to a destination. During testing, I loaded the vacuum bottle with hot coffee before hitting the road with my companion to the Yakima River. That kept us charged and caffeinated during the long drive over the Cascades. Once on the river, the system went into our raft and mid-morning, we pulled ashore to kindle a small fire to boil water in the Stanley system’s pot, and then brew French-press coffee. After pouring a cup for each of us, we refilled the bottle with a batch of fresh, hot coffee and set off down river once more in pursuit of trout.

While we fished we enjoyed hot coffee during the cold, January day on the river.

The Stanley Vacuum Coffee System proved to be the ideal way to take coffee on the road, while allowing you make more in the wild. The Stanley Vacuum Coffee System, 1 liter version, retails for $60, while a half-liter version sells for $50.