In what may seem like an oxymoronic decision, Chrome Industries’ second issue of their Reflective Camo bike bags deploy a glass bead finish that reflects light from up to 100 feet. The camo pattern comes from a Swedish M90 geometric construction, overlaid with a rain camo print that adds a vertical hash lines to the aesthetic. If you’re looking for a stylish way to stay visible to cars while commuting, you can chose from three bags, the Victor utility belt ($95), Citizen courier bag ($180), and the Barrage backpack ($200)—each include the high level of quality materials and features that have made this San Francisco bike brand famous. If you’re looking for something that’ll let you blend regardless of the conditions…not so much.
—Nathan Borchelt

Chrome Citizen 1

Chrome Citizen 2

Chrome Barrage 1

Chrome Barrage 2

Chrome Barrage 3

Chrome Victor 1

Chrome Victor 2