Chaco and Fishpond May Have Made the Ultimate Water Shoe

Chaco and Fishpond May Have Made the Ultimate Water Shoe

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If you’ve spent any time in the active outdoor world, you’ve either come across someone wearing Chaco sandals or you’ve owned a pair yourself. The ultra-durable, super-grippy, all-terrain footwear is so highly thought of that they’ve actually garnered cult status within the outdoor community. This is especially impressive when you consider the fact that open-toed footwear isn’t usually the best option for hiking, climbing, or most other outdoor activities.

Fishpond is a company that isn’t quite so well known outside of the fishing community, but the company has been creating high quality gear for years. Their uber-technical vest are perfect for keeping your flies and other gear organized, while keeping everything you need close at hand for when land that steelhead trout.

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So what do these two companies have in common exactly? Both are putting out premium gear that is not only aimed at improving our outdoor experiences, but is also built to last too. Their products are high in quality, offer great design, and provide a lot of bang for the buck. They also happen to be collaborating on a new line of footwear that should please fans of both brands.

Coming in at $100 and $70, respectively, the Chaco ZX2 sandal and Flips flip-flops feature custom-patterned webbing, water-resistant fabrics, and the sticky and durable Vibram sole that Chaco has built its reputation on. Both pairs of shoes are lightweight, provide great traction on a variety of wet surfaces, and are designed to keep our feet comfortable in a variety of outdoor pursuits. Primariliy, these shoes are being marketed as sandals for fishermen and boaters, which is why they are available exclusively through the Fishpond website – as well as a few Fishpond dealers – and feature the logos of both companies prominently in their design.

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What makes these shoes even cooler is that with each purchase of the ZX2 sandal a $5 donation ($2.50 donation for the Flips) will be given to the Western Rivers Conservancy whose mission is to protect river ecosystems and provide us with preserved lands for outdoor adventures and recreation. This means that when you purchase either the ZX2 or Flips sandals, you’re getting versatile, long-lasting footwear – conceived by two great brands – and helping out the environment at the same time. What more could you ask for?