Carry an Entire Toolbox in Your Pocket with This Gadget

Carry an Entire Toolbox in Your Pocket with This Gadget


As a kid, Batman and James Bond were always captivating to me with their cool gadgets. Both of these guys always had something on them at all times that could get them out of a jam and keep them prepared for any situation. I wanted that. All of it. Right down to the grappling hook that shot out of Batman’s belt buckle.

Well, it seems like the folks over at Jackfish Survival were just as enamored as I was, and maybe even more so. They’ve taken this whole everyday carry/cool gadget/always prepared idea and ran with it, developing an ultra-compact, action-packed “Credit Card Holder” that has so many features that I didn’t even realize it could actually hold credit cards until I headed over to their Kickstarter page.


Coming out of London, Jackfish Survival’s Credit Card Holder is machined from a solid block of Titanium and offers a surprising amount of functionality. The product has you covered when it comes to water purification, personal safety, secure document transportation, navigation, and fire-starting. It also includes a pen, Spyderco Bug Knife, and a screwdriver set. Oh, and yeah, it does carry your credit cards as well. In short, Jackfish Survival has engineered a piece of equipment to carry essential bits of gear that can help keep you be prepared for any situation, in just about any setting. The only thing really missing hear is the cyanide pill – but there’s a place for that too.


Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s included (and let me tell you, they’re not slouching on quality here):

  1. Micro Screwdriver
  2. Titanium Coated Phillips head Hex Bit
  3. Titanium Coated Flathead Bit
  4. Kingston Micro SD Card Reader
  5. True Utility Telescopic Pen
  6. Aluminium Whistle (120 Decibel)
  7. Glass Vial (Intended for Iodine)
  8. Windproof Match
  9. Firesteel
  10. Spyderco Bug Knife
  11. Button Compass

With 25 days left to go on Kickstarter, Jackfish Survival has already surpassed their goal by $30,000 – and when you see it, you’ll understand why.

Oh, and if you’d like one in time for the holidays, they’ve got you covered there too. Always thinking, these guys.