Cannondale Unveils New Supersix EVO Hi-Mod

Cannondale Unveils New Supersix EVO Hi-Mod


We’re just a few days away from the start of the 2015 Tour de France, and just before the riders hit the road Cannondale has taken the wraps off a new edition to their SuperSix line of bikes. This updated version of the company’s popular road and racing line promises to deliver excellent all-around performance that could make it one of the most balanced rides available today. 

The new version of the SuperSix EVO HI-MOD features some impressive upgrades and redesigns that are meant to improve on an already outstanding bike. For instance, both the head tube and lightweight carbon frame have been modified to provide a stiffer ride, while the suspension system and forks have been further tuned to offer better all around handling. As if that wasn’t enough, the aerodynamics have been refined as well, making this bike much more efficient on flats and breakaways. All of these improvements also come with a drop in weight of 2.1 ounces, which in cycling terms translates to more speed.

SuperSix EVO Hi-MOD Black Inc

“We’re not content to make bikes that excel in just one or two aspects of the racing experience,” said Scott Rittschof, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Cannondale. “We want the whole enchilada. We’re focused, or maybe even obsessed, with creating the all-around best racing machines in the world and to do that, you need balance. We want to push the boundaries with each of the elements, but in a way that no part overshadows another and everything is in harmony. That’s the secret to ultimate performance.”

The SuperSix EVO line has always been known for its extremely well balanced performance. They are not only fast on flat courses, but they offer excellent climbing abilities, and great handling even on fast descents. Riders can attack, sprint, and slalom with the best of them while in the saddle of thi bike

Available in seven distinct models, the SuperSix EVO starts at $4440.

SuperSix EVO Hi-MOD Dura Ace 1 - HERO