Can a Jacket That Performs Well Look Good Too?

Can a Jacket That Performs Well Look Good Too?


Why does it seem that it is sometimes impossible to find travel and outdoor clothing that both looks good, and performs at a high level too? While there are a multitude of technical fabrics and special materials designed to help keep us comfortable and dry on our adventures, they don’t always seem to manifest themselves into products that actually look good enough to wear anywhere but on the trail. But one company is hoping to change that by developing a new line of technical jackets that will reportedly merge both form and function in a very stylish way. 

One Man Outerwear, a subsidiary of Mia Melon, has launched a Kickstarter campaign with the hopes of acquiring funding to launch several new products this fall. The company plans to release two technical weatherproof jackets for men, and three new jackets for women. Each has their own unique look and style that features fabrics that are purportedly waterproof and windproof, as well as interior liners made from 220 gram fleece. Each features an integrated hood, comes in multiple colors, and are available for just $99 for early-bird supporters on Kickstarter. 

All of the jackets are made from 100% cotton herringbone fabrics wrapped in a waterproof and breathable membrane. Each has their own unique features as well however, as you’ll see in the designs below. 


Men’s Wanderer Jacket
Described as a “classic urban/outdoor hybrid,” the Wanderer Jacket is available in both taupe and army green colors. This product seems aimed at the man who is looking for protection from the elements in a good-looking design that can be worn both around town, or while traveling. 


Stratus Jacket
The Stratus Jacket, on the other hand, has a look and cut that seems better suited for outdoor pursuits. Its cottons fabrics feature a DWR finish that promises to make this jacket even more resistant to rain. This jacket is available in red, black, and olive colors, and comes with four large pockets conveniently stitched right on the front. 


Everglades Jacket
One of three jackets available for the ladies, the Everglade will come in both taupe and arm green colors. It also has a fashionable design that makes it more suitable for urban adventures. 


Provocateur Jacket
The Provocateur Jacket has also been treated with the same DWR finish as the Stratus, giving it extra moisture-resistant properties as well. It also features a drawstring waist, zip front closure, flapped pockets, and layered shoulders that help to provide it with a very unique look. It will ship in red, olive, and black.


Women’s Wanderer Jacket
The women’s version of the Wanderer incorporates a wooden toggle at the neck, and zipped front closure into the design. It also has a rounded front hem that contributes to its casual look, making it suitable for nights out on the town, or a travel escape to an entirely different country. 

One Man Outerwear and Mia Melon are looking to raise $32,000 to put these jackets into production, with the hopes of shipping them to consumers in October of this year.