We saw a lot of great gear at the 2015 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. Now that the show has come and gone, we’ll be sharing some of our favorites with you over the next few days. Here’s a look at what you can expect in the weeks ahead. 

Brunton is launching three new portable lanterns as part of its Lightwave line, but it’s the AMP – the mack daddy of ‘em all – that people are going to be scrambling to get their hands on when it’s released in October.

Working in conjunction with a special app, and integrated Bluetooth connectivity, this bad boy lets you create a psychedelic lightshow that spans nearly the entire visible spectrum. It will even pulse to the beat of the tunes that are blaring out of the speaker located on the bottom of the lantern, providing an instant party wherever you go.

To keep the AMP powered up no matter how far from an outlet you might wander, Brunton will be releasing a new line of its popular Solaris portable solar cells in Spring 2016. These new modes are unbelievably lightweight, flexible, and durable.

The AMP has an MSRP of $219, and the Solaris panels will start at $99.99.