Brew Hot, Fresh Coffee Almost Anywhere with the OXX COFFEEBOXX

Brew Hot, Fresh Coffee Almost Anywhere with the OXX COFFEEBOXX


A lot of us live rugged lives, have dirt under our fingernails, and chips of wood in our hair – and we all like a good cup of coffee. It’s a traditional addiction that fuels us throughout our day, providing more energy, more enthusiasm, and generally keeps us on the straight and narrow so we can get the job done. Most of us are particular about our coffee – either making it the same way, or wanting it prepared for us the same way, every single day. After all, it is our “fix” and it has to be just right for us to get that desired result.

But we live and work in demanding environments, often far from a coffee shop, and in places where a $20 coffeemaker designed to sit on your kitchen counter at home just won’t hack it. We the people need something as rugged as we are. Enter the OXX COFFEEBOXX.


Resembling a jobsite lunch cooler more than a coffeemaker, the OXX COFFEEBOXX is a crushproof, dustproof, and water-resistant neon green mean machine designed to brew you a cup of bean fuel on the go – wherever you go. Compatible with K-Cups, or the Perfect Pod Eco-Fill Reusable Coffee Pod the OXX COFFEEBOXX has a 2.5L onboard water tank which is capable of making up to 10 cups of coffee per filling. What’s more, when empty, the whole unit only weighs 12lbs making it easy to transport by its rugged, rubberized handle.

The only drawback to this beast is that it needs to be plugged in to brew and requires 1450 watts of power to do so – which is beyond the capacity of most outdoor-oriented rechargeable battery packs on the market today. That said, the OXX COFFEEBOXX is lightweight and compact enough to carry out on the trail, it’s best suited at the ranger station, job site, or anyplace you’ve hauled a gas-powered generator.


Coming in a $249.99 for the standard unit, the OXX COFFEEBOXX is way more expensive than your typical coffeemaker, but this S.O.B is far from typical – It’s built to outlast the apocalypse. If you live and work in a rugged environment, and require that hot bean water to fuel you through the day, I firmly believe something like this would pay for itself in spades. What’s more, if you’re the type of person who works with a group of like-minded folks, you could easily pay this sucker off in what it costs all of you in Latte’s over the span of a couple of weeks. Think about it.