This Watch Could Potentially Save Your Life

This Watch Could Potentially Save Your Life


While the high-tech industry is in a race to see who can create the first truly successful smartwatch with mass appeal, other watch companies are taking a decidedly different approach to the use of technology in their timepieces. Take for example Breitling, a company with a long history of making watches that are both stylish and functional. Craftsmen at Breitling have been creating amazing works of miniature mechanical art since 1884, and they continue to do so to this day. But one such device not only tells time, but also features functionality that could potentially save your life. 

As you would expect, the aptly named Breitling Emergency is a very impressive timepiece. Not only does it tell you time in the traditional sense using analog hands, it also offers up a second clock – in digital form – for keeping track of the time in another location as well. This other features include an alarm, timer, calendar, and increased accuracy that only comes from precision Swiss watch makers. All of these options make the Emergency an excellent choice for travelers who frequently find themselves in need of a watch with extended capabilities. 


But, the Emergency is also capable of something that could potentially make it a major hit with outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. The watch also happens to include a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) built right into its core, adding an incredible sense of security when traveling in the backcountry. The PLB has the ability to send an automated distress signal to search and rescue teams on land, ships at sea, and passing aircraft using both radio and satellite signals. This feature alone could make this watch a “must-have” for explorers and adventurers.

The Breitling Emergency is not a completely new product, although it has been recently updated and revamped in order to pass FCC standards in the U.S. That means that it is now on-sale in this country for the very first time, bringing its unique set of features to an American audience. Considering the product has already saved more than 20 people worldwide, it will probably be a welcome addition to just about anyone’s gear collection.



As you can probably imagine with a luxury timepiece that has the ability to send a distress call, the Breitling Emergency doesn’t come cheap. If you want to put an SOS signal on your wrist, you’ll need to shell out more than $3000, depending on the version of the watch you purchase. That puts it squarely out of the price range for most of us, although it never hurts to dream.