Black Diamond Announces Massive Recall of Climbing Gear Amidst Safety Concerns

Black Diamond Announces Massive Recall of Climbing Gear Amidst Safety Concerns


Black Diamond Equipment, LTD. announced a major voluntary recall of several of its products today, citing safety concerns due to potential “product irregularities.” The recall is being made in conjunction with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, and is subject to user inspection of the products in question.

The recall covers a number of carabiners and quickdraws with manufacturing codes that fall between 4350 and 6018. In some models, the gate rivets (in solid state carabiners) and wire ends (in wiregate models) that attach the gate to the carabiner body may not have been properly manufactured, which could cause the gate to break off the product altogether. Additionally, in some screwgate carabiners, the locking sleeve may not have been assembled properly either, which results in the lock not working properly either.


If you think that you may own carabiners that fall under this description, click here to get more information and see a full list of the products covered by the recall.


A second recall was also issued for Black Diamond’s 18mm Nylon Runners in the 60cm/24in and 120cm/48in categories. The products that are covered by this recall have manufacturing codes of 2014 and 2015, which is found on the sewn label. Customers who own these nylon runners should discontinue use, as they may have a tape splice that would cause them to be non-load bearing and could potentially fail under normal use. For more specific information on exactly which products are subject to this recall click here.


Black Diamond officials are quick to point out that no accidents have been reported as a result of the failure of any of these products. However, the company is erring on the side of caution, and has issued the voluntary recall in the interest of customer safety. If you own any of the carbiners/quickdraws or nylon runners in question, you should return them immediately for a replacement.

This recall is just the latest for the embattled gear manufacturer. Last July it also issued a voluntary recall of all of its JetForce avalanche airbag packs as well. Black Diamond’s stock price seemed unaffected by the recall as of the close of the market on Thursday.