BioLite already delivered a one-two punch when they released their Camp Stove, a wood-burning backcountry kit that converts the fire’s heat into electricity via a thermostatic generator to power a fan to create airflow and improves combustion, and charges your “essential” smart device via a USB port. The number of backcountry selfies are now limited by the amount of burnable wood you can find and your device’s storage capacity. But vanity aside, this stove is a great, eco-friendly way to cook, and a reliable method to charge devices in areas where electricity is scarce. And now the system can do tea. Made of thin stainless steel, the Biolite KettlePot is holds 1.5 ounces of liquid, plenty for single-pot meals or a round of coffee. A shield at the bottom protects the flame from wind gusts and concentrates the heat to the stove, while the see-through, food-safe BPA-free spouted top lets you see what you’re cooking. The KettlePot integrates seamlessly with the stove, and doubles as a hard case for the Biolite. At 18+ inches, the Camp Stove and KettlePot combo stands much taller than other stoves, so you’ll want to cook on stable ground. And given that it’s a wood-burning stove, you won’t get the instantaneous white-hot heat that define fuel-based models. But you can definitely roast some nice marshmallows.—Nathan Borchelt