Best Running Strollers of 2014

Best Running Strollers of 2014

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Don’t let your kid get in the way of your workout. Check out our head-to-head field test of the Best Running Strollers of 2014.

Schwinn Arrow Fixed Wheel Jogger


If you’re looking for a sleek, minimalist jogging stroller for road running, the Arrow is it. It was the lightest in our test, and has jettisoned or under-emphasized most of the extra features you find on other running strollers. It does cut back a bit on comfort, lacks car-seat compatibility, and is not appropriate off-road. It’s a stripped down jogging stroller with a fixed front wheel. Retail Price: $200. Gear Institute Rating: 74

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Joovy Zoom 360


The Zoom 360 is a versatile stroller that scores high marks in almost every category. It’s a convertible jogging/walking stroller with a locking front wheel. Features quality design and construction and the comfortable seat fits larger kids. It is on the heavy and pricey side and not car seat compatible. Retail Price: $270. Gear Institute Rating: 88

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Instep Grand Safari Jogging Stroller


For the price, the Grand Safari is an adequate stroller, more suited to around-town use than long jogging excursions. It is heavy, with a loose, wobbly feel. It’s a folding jogging stroller with a swiveling front wheel that locks. It is car seat compatible and features removable cup holders and a remote wheel lock switch. Plastic construction and poor front wheel design; heavy. Retail Price: $160. Gear Institute Rating: 70

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BOB Revolution SE


If price is no object, or you’re willing to invest in a stroller to use for years, the Revolution SE is an excellent off-road stroller (with one of the best suspensions we’ve seen) and it is also appropriate for around-town use. The high quality comes with a steep price tag, however. This is a rugged convertible jogging/walking stroller. Accessories not included. Retail Price: $450. Gear Institute Rating: 82

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