Throughout the year, Gear Institute faculty field tested and reviewed scores of running related products. From those, we’ve rounded up the Best in Class in a number of categories.

Mizuno Hitogami — Best in Class Lightweight Trainer


The Hitogami hits the sweet spot between the minimalist-vs-maximalist conflicts in running shoes: it proved lightweight enough to feel nimble on the trail, but protective enough to take a beating while on long runs. Our tester gushed that it’s a “synthesis of everything a running shoe should be.” And then added that it is “without question the best shoe I’ve worn all year.” Save one minor detail–the laces sometimes come untied–this shoe is tops.
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Salomon S Lab Sense 3 Ultra — Best in Class Lightweight Trail Runner


Built for runners looking to bust out on 10- to 50-K runs, this update in Salomon’s S Lab series boasts a better fit than previous models. The clever Quick Fit lacing system keeps the entire upper snug against the foot, a boon for trail irregularities, and the robust outsole gets traction on a variety of trail surfaces. Those in love with full toe splay in the footbox, however, may find the Sense 3 Ultra a bit constricting.
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Rudy Project Proflow 2 Running – Best in Class Running Sunglasses


These shades get everything right: serious optical vision and protection with a wide field of vision, a breathable and lightweight design, and more customization options that you ever thought could apply to a pair of sunglasses. Even the wrapped design feels like you’re slicing through wind–which could even make you think you’re going faster than normal.
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