Bernzomatic’s Campsite Torches are Lightweight and Versatile Tools for the Outdoors

Bernzomatic’s Campsite Torches are Lightweight and Versatile Tools for the Outdoors

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For over a century, Bernzomatic has been making affordable, durable, and easy to use handheld torches that have become so commonplace in workshops, sheds, and garages that you can pick up a new gas canister for one of their torches in almost any hardware, grocery, or convenience store across the country. What’s more is that they work with iconic forest green Coleman Camping Gas canisters – which too can be found almost anywhere (although you probably have three or four stockpiled already).

As I write this, it seems like a no-brainer to take a handheld torch out camping with you to start your fire or even if you want to get fancy with your food prep, but up until a few weeks ago, the thought had never dawned on be before. Being a flint and steel kind of guy, the idea of taking one of my Bernzomatic torches out of the workshop and into the woods seemed so foreign to me. That all changed with a single chocolate chip pancake with a flame-broiled marshmallow on top that was made with the Bernzomatic Campsite Torch.

Bernzomatic ST500CKC micro-torch 08

The Campsite Torch is a lightweight and portable torch designed to light campfires, fire pits, and grills, all by using the gas you’re already taking along with you, such as the aforementioned Coleman Camping Gas for example. The compact Campsite Torch features a trigger ignition, dial valve for flame control, and a unique, helix shaped flame for improved effectiveness. This little bugger is small enough to go unnoticed in your pack, but puts out a powerful enough flame to light your fire in almost any weather condition.

Another product coming out of the Bernzomatic camp, destined to change our campsite needs, is their butane powered Utility Torch for the Great Outdoors (fitting name, no?). This micro torch is suitable for lighting a grill or campfire, but has the added function of being used as a hot knife for cutting and searing nylon cordage and even mending other nylon materials like tarps and tents. These additional functions can be performed using the included accessory tips, and the butane tanks this torch utilizes can also be picked up almost anywhere. (It refills using the same fuel canisters used by those fancy-schmancy cigar lighters and the like.)

Bernzomatic campsite-torchBoth of these torches have proven to be highly beneficial even in the few weeks since I got my hands on them. The Campsite Torch has come in handy on family camping excursions with my girls as it really takes the work out of starting the post-dinner S’mores fire. The Utility Torch for the Great Outdoors (They really need to work on that name) is also handy for starting fires, but due to its precision I have found that it comes in handier on day hikes and camping in the woods, as well as in my workshop. If I had to pick between the two, I personally would pick the latter, but no matter which you choose, both come in at or around $20 so there’s no major commitment here, just an opportunity to try something different.

Like making with a single chocolate chip pancake with a flame broiled marshmallow on top.

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